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The 6.0 Powerstroke has a tendency to develop electrical issues as it gets more miles on it. The engine wiring harness on the 6.0 has many push-type retainers that keep the wiring harness routed in a specific fit unlike the Duramax which has bolt on clips on the harness. The problem with the 6.0 harness is that many technicians do not bother to connect the wiring harness retainers so the harness sits on top of the intake manifold and can potentially rub through on an intake manifold bolt or stud.

This particular 6.0 Powerstroke experienced just that. It was towed in as a no-start and the customer told me he had parked the truck and went back to crank it and it just turned over but would not start. The most cause of this issue in a 2005-2007 is a possible high pressure oil leak. After connecting the scanner we verified that the high pressure oil pump was putting out correct pressure (550 psi+) to crank but we noticed that there were 2 codes stored in memory. P2614 and P2617 are camshaft and crankshaft position sensor circuit codes. To an inexperienced technician, the repair would possibly involve replacing the cam or crank sensors but in my experiences I’ve only changed 1 cam sensor and 0 crank sensors. They just never go bad. I have however had several trucks with damaged wiring harnesses that would cause a loss of cam and crank signals. The easiest way to test for a wiring harness short is to take a piece of wood and push on the harness on top of the engine near the turbo and near the FICM (fuel injector control module). We wiggled the wires around near the FICM and the truck started right up. As I would massage the harness the truck would randomly stall and surge. I decided to get a better look at the harness and after unplugging it from the FICM we found this. You can see the red and yellow wires rubbed through to the metal wiring. This was intermittently shorting to the intake manifold bolt and causing a stall.


Got an intermittent no start hot or cold?? Check your injector and engine wiring harnesses. Thanks. AJ

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