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Heating and Air Repair

When you don’t have warm heat in the winter or cold air in the summer in your vehicle you are most likely suffering. Not to mention your defrost does not work correctly without a proper working A/C compressor. With that in mind, 441 Diesel has a state-of-the-art A/C machine and many specialized diagnostic tools to repair A/C leaks and performance issues correctly and quickly. We perform complete HVAC system replacements as well as A/C services/tuneups and have access to all service manuals for vehicles from 1990-2016. A proper charge on your vehicles A/C system could mean the difference between a system that lasts 20 years vs. a system that lasts 2 years. Call us to schedule an appointment.


General Preventative Maintenance

Does your vehicle need an oil change? A fuel filter replacement? Or are you just needing it checked over before a cross-country trip. 441 Diesel knows how to maintain your vehicle. Each vehicle brought in for preventative maintenance has the brakes checked, the transmission fluid checked, the differential fluid checked, and all belts/hoses inspected for any developing issues. Many quick-lube establishments are quick to sell you a cabin air filter but is that what you’re there for or are you there to know of any safety concerns or developing issues that can’t easily be seen. 441 Diesel greases any grease fittings on your vehicle as well as any optional equipment such as lift gates and cranes. We know from experience that seeing and catching a problem before it causes a breakdown is what preventative maintenance is for. We offer scheduled maintenance by manufacturer’s specifications as well as drop-in services. Call us today with any questions.


Diesel Engine Repair

441 Diesel specializes in diesel engine repair. Our experience and training with today’s modern diesels give us a unique insight into common failures as well as upgrades to prevent these failures. We offer ARP head stud upgrades in all light-duty diesel applications to prevent repeat head gasket issues as well as top-of-the-line machine shop work that ensures when we get your engine parts back from the machine shop they are equal to or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. We offer complete engine rebuilds, engine replacements, fuel system repairs, exhaust upgrades, and extensive turbocharger service. With the introduction of emission systems such as EGR and SCR you need a shop that understands how these systems work and what affect they have on your engine. These systems can not be diagnosed by replacing random parts. That’s why 441 Diesel invests heavily in OEM diagnostic software for all engines we service. For more details or to schedule an appointment call us now.